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RideEFFEX Adjustable Coil Spring Lower/Leveling Clamps

Part # 18-1220A

  • Easy to lower or tune down most any coil or strut spring suspension in minutes without breaking the bank

  • Simply install and tighten to remove up to one coil height to most any vehicle

  • Kit includes 4 clamps to be installed in pairs opposite one another of the coil springs to be lowered or leveled

  • Use hacksaw or grinder to remove excess bolt thread length once installed

  • Lowers springs

  • Improves handling

  • Zinc plated, SAE grade 5 steel

  • 4 sets per clamshell

UPC:  # 77705181228
Material: Steel
Thread Size: 3/8" to 16"
Type: Coil Spring Clamp

Length: 3-1/2"
Adjustable: Yes
Hardware Included: Yes
Instructions Included: Yes

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